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Elite Fuel: The Origin Story

Is there a dream, aspiration, or maybe a fitness goal that you have yet to realize?

The missing ingredient may be a relationship that has yet to be formed.

The reason why I want to share the backstory of Elite Fuel is so you can meet (at least virtually) the people behind the brand because brands are boring, but people are exciting.

Elite Fuel is a story about relationships.

About 10 years ago I had two patients, Jeff and Jesse who came into my office looking for help with post-workout recovery. These guys were health-conscious athletes in the Crossfit space and wanted every natural performance advantage to enhance and extend their Crossfit careers.

Fast forward to a birthday party where Jeff and I came up with a plan for creating Elite Fuel, a pre-workout that would be stimulant-free and would turn on the avenues of recovery mid-workout.

Through another relationship with a rep at a pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical company and a relationship with someone in the raw ingredient space, we were able to bring The Fuel to health-conscious athletes everywhere.

By health-conscious athletes, I mean athletes who don't want to sacrifice their health by consuming artificial ingredients, colors, isolated proteins, and all the garbage you have to filter through with so many performance-based supplements.

The Fuel has been updated three times since its inception to meet the demands of the latest changes in performance science.

Along the way, a relationship with Joe, a local goat farmer was formed. This allowed us to obtain the cleanest and most biologically available protein on planet earth, grass-fed goat whey. As you know, goat whey is the lightest, tastiest full spectrum protein on the market.

The Elite Fuel story is one of relationships, supporting one another, and cutting zero corners.

If you have a dream or aspiration consider your relationships. Go ask questions of the people in your life, you will likely be shocked at the connections that are available.

I am a practicing physician in Washington state. I'm a husband, father of 7 kids, and Crossfit enthusiast.

If you are a health-conscious athlete, you've found your people.

I'd love to hear about your fitness goals and how we can support you in the comments below.

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