If you are building a life of fitness, you need Elite Fuel.

Elite Fuel is the only supplement we regularly suggest ALL our athletes use. It covers so many bases and drastically improved my training and recovery time. The quality is unmatched. In the words of my doctor "What a fabulous product for recovery and performance!". Thanks Elite Fuel!


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Finally a healthy clean product that is unmatched in quality. I've been using Elite Fuel for 2 years now, it has with no doubt helped take my performance to a higher level. Invented by a Doctor of natural medicine, you know you are getting the best of the best!


Product Review

I trust this product to be the best on the market because of the people who conceived it: a doctor who knows how to fuel elite athletes and an elite athlete/coach who knows how to train hard!


Product Review

Why Ben Takes Amino's

I gotta have Amino’s. When I hit my 30s, my ability to recover and build muscle just wasn’t what it was in my 20s. The essential amino acid combo in the Amino’s has made a huge impact on my fitness. I’m in my mid 30s and I’m still hitting PRs.

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Why Cody Takes Connective Tissue

After multiple injuries I have realized the necessity of supporting my tendons and ligaments to maximize my fitness potential. Now Connective Tissue Factors is always in my daily routine.

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Why Carrie Takes Activ Whey

For me protein quality and the amount I consume daily is vital for my recovery before my next training session. Activ Whey gives me both a premium source for this routine goal and settles flawlessly in my stomach three times per day as I am training or coaching.

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have been taking The Fuel for the last 7 years pretty much daily. I love the extra edge I feel mid workout. It also makes my supplementation easy, as it is so comprehensive in covering everything I need nutritionally for my training and recovery. 

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Are you a gym owner, doctors office, or health food store and would like to offer your clients the ultimate in performance nutrition?

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