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40+ Supplement strategies

Maximize your fitness outcomes with the 40+ Supplement Strategies PDF!

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Always in season

Elite Fuel was founded by Dr. Matt Angove ND, to provide natural, biologically active supplements that optimize the strength, recovery and energy of the 40+ athlete and anyone who wants to perform well in every season of life. As we age, we have less margin in our health, but with the proper fuel and habits, we can redefine what is possible at 40 and beyond! 

Why John Takes Optimal Aminos

I gotta have Aminos. When I hit my 30s, my ability to recover and build muscle just wasn’t what it was in my 20s. The essential amino acid combo in the Amino’s has made a huge impact on my fitness. I’m 40 and I’m still hitting PRs.

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Why Vance Takes Connective Tissue

After multiple injuries I have realized the necessity of supporting my tendons and ligaments to maximize my fitness potential. Now Connective Tissue Factors is always in my daily routine.

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Why Annie Takes Goat Whey

For me protein quality and the amount I consume daily is vital for my recovery before my next training session. Goat Whey gives me both a premium source for this routine goal and settles flawlessly in my stomach three times per day as I am training or coaching.

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Why Ian Takes Spartacus

I like Spartacus because it comes from a company that I can trust to have clean, researched ingredients, and I have noticed an increase in my strength, as well as an increase in my day-to-day endurance. 

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May 14, 2024

Whey Concentrate vs Isolate? What’s the difference?

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