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Connective Tissue Factors

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Why Athletes Thrive with Connective Tissue Factors

We find that many athletes are having to slow down or scale back their training because of joint, tendon and ligament injuries.  We created a product that helps maintain optimal joint and connective tissue performance. Our athletes now enjoy improved fitness performance, recovery and longevity at their sport of choice.

A strong connective tissue matrix is invaluable for anyone trying to stay active and agile into their golden years.  It is also paramount for hastening fitness recovery and enabling consistent strength gains.  

A weakened connective tissue matrix makes us vulnerable to injury, arthritis, tendinitis, and pulled muscles.  It also leads to slowed recovery and healing time. 

Why go the route of stiff, achy, and aged, when we can supply regeneration and stability to our joints, ligaments, tendons and bone structure with Connective Tissue Factors.

Connective Tissue Factors delivers without excuse the precise information necessary at therapeutic levels to make a tangible difference in longterm fitness performance. 

Driven by Fortigel, which has been scientifically proven to stimulate a statistically significant increase in cartilage tissue metabolism.  These specific collagen peptides have been proven to activate the growth of new cartilage to ease joint discomfort and make joints smooth and mobile.


Supported by Tendoactive, which has direct anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic tendon activity.  This is extremely important for the active human, as tendons have a very limited capacity to heal due to their low density and mitotic activity of tenocytes.

Mobilized by Mobilee, a natural extract rich in Hyaluronic Acid, polysaccharides and collagen.  It supports muscle strength, synovial fluid and joint mobility. 

Finally, vitamin C, magnesium and sodium are added to help synergize the most robust connective tissue performance based supplement on the market.


Take 1 scoop per day one hour before workouts or as desired in coffee, tea, smoothie or water.

Does Not contain 

Gluten, yeast, artificial colors or flavors.


If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your physician before taking this product.

*These statements on this or any other www.elitefuel.net webpage have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No Elite Fuel product is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About Us

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Elite Fuel came out of a partnership between Crossfit athletes and their physician.  The athletes wanted clean fuel backed by science for their workouts.  Unfortunately, this was nowhere to be found on the market.  So we decided we would come together and create not only what our athletes wanted, but go far beyond that.

We have decided along with 100's of other Elite Fuel athletes that fueling for success in fitness can reward in competition and in everyday life.  We don't just want a PR today, we want PRs today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and 10 years from now.  We, like you put maximum effort into our workouts and we want to squeeze all the gains we can out of each one. 

We hope you enjoy the fruit of your labors and you find that Elite Fuel expands your capacity to do work!  We would love to hear your story...shoot us an email: nextlevel@elitefuel.net.

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