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Eggshell Membrane | How it can support joint function

Eggshell Membrane | How it can support joint function

Today we're talking about seven benefits of eggshell membrane. I know a lot of you probably haven't heard of it, but fermented eggshell membrane is fantastic for the 40 plus athlete.

Eggshell membrane is one of my top recommendations for staying youthful.

7 benefits of fermented eggshell membrane

1. Anti-inflammatory benefits

Eggshell membrane has been proven to reduce the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines like interleukin-1 beta and tissue necrosis factor-alpha, while increasing the expression of an anti-inflammatory cytokine, or factor known as interleukin 10.

This can be particularly beneficial for aging athletes, as inflammation is often associated with more sports injuries and arthritis and just general inability to recover efficiently.

When we can elicit a youthful response from these cytokines, then we won't be sidelined by inflammation.

2. Improves flexibility

A study involving individuals suffering with arthritic knee pain and utilizing eggshell membrane, demonstrated a significant reduction in knee pain and stiffness. When these participants were supplementing with eggshell membrane, the improvements were rapid.

In fact there was a 24% reduction in stiffness and a 22% decrease in just general knee pain within seven days and over 50% reduction after 90 days. Amazing!

As you age, you may have noticed that your joints, shoulders, back, knees, hips, are getting stiff and feel a lot tighter, even when you're being consistent with your mobility routine.

Consider utilizing eggshell membrane to help decrease that overall stiffness and tension that may be building up in your body.

3. Faster recovery

Research done in postmenopausal women revealed that those taking eggshell membrane experienced a more rapid recovery from exercise in regards to pain and discomfort in just one week.

This suggests that eggshell membrane may actually contribute to quicker overall recovery in athletes. Now, this was done in postmenopausal women, but I would say if it's helping a postmenopausal woman whose overall hormone output is much, much lower then it can help the 40+ athlete.

Normally, estrogen can get up to 300 unless a postmenopausal woman is taking bioidentical hormones, their estrogen is only getting up to maybe 40 max, or probably more like 15.

For women that are not postmenopausal, I would expect an even bigger benefit.

Along with that, eggshell membrane has been shown to boost the production of glycosaminoglycans, or GAGS, such as chondroitin sulfate, which is a more commonly known GAG.

A lot of supplements have chondroitin sulfate in them and these are really important components of cartilage, which cartilage basically provides the resistance to compression within all of our joints.

These GAGS are essential and work as a natural lubricant to reduce friction, they basically act as a shock absorber for our joints.

The more we exercise, the greater our need for lubrication and shock absorption capacity.

If we want to maintain our mobility, we need more shock absorption, more fluid to absorb all the inputs that come into our musculoskeletal system.

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the things us 40 plus athletes really would like to maintain, or potentially even improve, is our capacity to recover from exercise and maintain mobility with each passing decade of life.

By supporting the GAGS, the glycosaminoglycan production, eggshell membrane may actually aid in the repair of cartilage damage that can occur during intense bouts of physical activity.

4. Joint health and cartilage support

Eggshell membrane is a rich source of collagen. It contains various types of collagen, as well as glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid and calcium. 

These components of eggshell membrane are essential for joint health and have been extensively studied for their potential effects on osteoarthritis. This is the type of joint pain or arthritic change that is related to aging and often lifestyle, as opposed to, rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune condition of the body.

Overuse injury is associated with osteoarthritis is usually the arthritic problem that slows down the 40+ athlete.

The production of type two collagen and glycosaminoglycans via eggshell membrane is boosted and this provides support for the cartilage and for overall joint integrity. 

Type two collagen is especially important for the smooth functioning of weight bearing joints, like your knees, your ankles, your hips, your back. And by enhancing collagen production, eggshell membrane could actually contribute to joint health and joint recovery.

5. Reduces inflammatory cytokines 

Eggshell membrane can help reduce inflammatory cytokines. I kind of mentioned this briefly at the beginning, but studies have demonstrated a reduction in these inflammatory cytokines with the use of eggshell membrane.

I see many people pumping Ibuprofen, pumping Tylenol and all the other NSAIDS to keep themselves in the gym or to just keep going in life.

The process of pumping NSAIDS is destroying the gut, it's affecting the liver, kidney function, leading to higher blood pressure, and it does not allow for joint repair. This is because you're shutting down both the potential negative inflammatory cascade, as well as the pro building inflammatory cascade.

Just today I saw a patient in their late forties and another one in their mid 60s who were taking Motrin and Tylenol every single day for joint discomfort. Interestingly, both of them were also experiencing significant digestive issues.

Instead of covering up symptoms and putting a Bandaid on the problem, why not allow the body to repair itself?

This is why the studies demonstrating a decrease in inflammatory markers and cytokines are exciting because they are proving that you can regain joint mobility and flexibility through eggshell membrane supplementation. 

6. Muscle aging

Eggshell membrane can help with muscle aging and function. So there's been studies showing that eggshell membrane has promising results in reducing markers of aging in the actual muscle tissue itself.

Specifically, in mice, the membrane not only improved muscle structure, but also enhanced actual grip strength.

By making the connective tissue stronger, grip strength went up. For aging athletes, this is suggested to be potentially beneficial in mitigating some of the muscle loss, the sarcopenia that's associated with aging.

Eggshell membrane is also high value for bone strength, given its high concentration of type ten collagen. And considering that over 44 million Americans have low bone mineral density, type ten collagen, or x collagen, plays a role in this mineralization process of the bone tissue.

This could contribute to the formation and the maintenance of a strong bone matrix. Strong bone matrix is literally denser, more capable bone tissue, and that makes everything in our body that much stronger and just more vital.

7. Nutrient rich source

Eggshell membrane, like I mentioned earlier, is a natural source of type one, type five and type ten collagen. It also has hyaluronic acid, elastin, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, and keratin. This is why it's not only helpful for the aging athlete but it's also amazing for the skin, hair and nails.

The first studies were done in just 2009. Research on eggshell membrane is barely a decade old, we're just gaining a true understanding of all of the benefits of eggshell membrane.

Eggshell membrane is especially high in a concentration of type one collagen, which is the most abundant type of collagen in the entire human body.

These nutrients are essential for maintaining joint health. These peptides are supporting cartilage and aiding in muscle recovery.

The fermentation of the eggshell membrane makes it that much more bioavailable and easy to assimilate by the body. It also only takes like 500 milligrams daily to see results.

In virtually all of these studies they found that 500 milligrams is all people needed to move the dial in a positive direction, when it comes to joint health and to skin health and slowing the aging process in a lot of these tissues.

If you're experiencing joint issues or want the benefits of collagen beyond what's on the store shelves, give Joint Revive Pro a try.


Have you tried eggshell membrane for your joints? If so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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