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Whey Protein Isolate vs Whey Protein Concentrate: Which Form of Whey Protein Is Best?

If you've ever searched for whey protein isolate online, you've likely read a post or watched a TikTok extolling the virtues of whey isolate with an honorable mention of whey protein concentrate.

Before giving you the other side of the story, let's discuss why whey protein isolate is touted as the better whey.

The two stand out features of whey protein isolate is that it contains less lactose and more protein.

This sounds great, right?

And if you're committed to only using cow whey then you may very well need the isolate version if you're lactose intolerant.

However, there's another option or another whey.

And that is goat whey.

Goat whey is easy-to-digest, hypoallergenic, has the highest concentration of branched-chain amino acid (BCAAs) found any natural food source, contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins and growth factors.

Goat Whey Concentrate

  • Whey concentrate tastes better because it contains more lactose
  • Although whey concentrate contains more lactose because it's goat whey it's going to be easy-to-digest and less allergenic than cow whey.
  • Whey concentrate generally has 70-80% protein vs whey protein isolate which is around 90%, this can sound like a bad thing but whey concentrate is more nutrient dense. It contains whey in its natural profile, not an overly processed version.
  • Whey concentrate is slower to digest and thus keeps you fuller longer.

Cow whey is acidic and requires minerals such as magnesium and calcium to alkalinize it whereas goat whey is less acidic and some say even alkalinizing, this means it requires little if any minerals to balance the PH of the blood.

In fact, goat milk contains the alkalinizing amino acid, L-glutamine and in the highest amounts of any dairy product.

Before dismissing goat whey, we dare you to try it.

EF Goat Whey contains three ingredients: grass-fed goat whey concentrate, chocolate or vanilla flavor and stevia. It took several iterations to get the flavor profile right but we think that once you taste it and experience the benefits, you won't want to go back to the other whey.

For more on why Goat Whey is easier to digest and absorb than cow whey, check out this post.

Have you tried Goat Whey? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

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