Elite Fuel® sets the standard in purity, potency and performance based nutrition.

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Elite Fuel® has one job, to enable you to perform at a level you didn’t know you had in you. This is possible for two primary reasons:

  • Increased ATP (the fuel your body uses to perform) production.
  • Lean muscle repair and synthesis. You are an athlete. You need fuel for performance.

Elite Fuel® sets the standard in purity, potency and performance based nutrition. You no longer have to compromise your health to gain a performance advantage with unhealthy additives, fillers, sweeteners, preservatives and colors. Elite Fuel® includes only pharmaceutical grade non-GMO nutrients in their most active forms and at performance altering doses. Elite Fuel® is literally a one of kind performance based supplement. From formulation, to raw products and processing, Elite Fuel® takes no short cuts. Optimized athletic performance is constantly compromised by inefficient energy transmission, utilization and muscle recovery, with Elite Fuel® these barriers are overcome. Elite Fuel® represents an extraordinary leap forward in fueling clean NEXT-level fitness. You now have in your hands a formula that synergizes elite nutrients to fuel the pathways of human energy production and optimize specific nutrients that are depleted through rigorous physical activity.

About Us

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Elite Fuel came out of a partnership between Crossfit athletes and their physician.  The athletes wanted clean fuel backed by science for their workouts.  Unfortunately, this was nowhere to be found on the market.  So we decided we would come together and create not only what our athletes wanted, but go far beyond that.

We have decided along with 100's of other Elite Fuel athletes that fueling for success in fitness can reward in competition and in everyday life.  We don't just want a PR today, we want PRs today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and 10 years from now.  We, like you put maximum effort into our workouts and we want to squeeze all the gains we can out of each one. 

We hope you enjoy the fruit of your labors and you find that Elite Fuel expands your capacity to do work!  We would love to hear your story...shoot us an email: nextlevel@elitefuel.net.

We would also love to connect on social media:


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