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The Health-Performance Continuum

Make it simple and save cash in the process.

This is exactly why Elite Fuel was created. Athletes who were also patients didn’t want to take 5, 6, 7, 8 different bottles from different companies, bought at different places to maximize their performance needs. They also didn’t want to spend the $250 a month to get all these supplements at doses required to make a difference. Not to mention finding theses different products without food coloring, synthetic sweeteners, loads of caffeine, fillers, and carcinogenic agents was nearly impossible.

Performance without the hassle

Is Magnesium beneficial in the process of maximizing fitness? Yes.
Is Ribose beneficial for energy transfer within heart and skeletal muscle tissue to maximize fitness? Yes.
Is Creatine beneficial for energy production in muscles tissue to maximize fitness? Yes.
Is Beta Alanine beneficial for decreasing muscle acidity to maximize fitness? Yes.
Is Taurine beneficial for maximizing heart fitness? Yes.
Is CoQ10 beneficial for creating more energy for more fitness? Yes.
Is Quercitin beneficial for creating more mitochondria and helping the brain overcome fitness barriers? Yes.
Are BCAAs beneficial for decreasing catabolism and increasing anabolism of muscle to maximize our fitness experience? Yes.
Is NAC beneficial in promotion of cellular detoxification and muscle recovery to maximize fitness? Yes.
Are methyl-B12 and 5-MTHF beneficial vitamins in helping the body recover and repair muscle and nerve tissue to maximize fitness? Yes.

Can all these vitamins and nutrients benefit me outside of the fitness arena?

Yes! The more efficiently the body creates energy, the more consistently DNA will be repaired perfectly and the bodies ability to adapt to life will happen without a hitch.

We don’t recommend taking supplements or eating food that doesn’t have both Health and Fitness Performance benefits. If we are not getting long term health benefits from our supplementation then we are setting ourselves up for catastrophe and the elimination of both our hard earned fitness and longevity.

Can we get all these nutrients in ONE synergistic formula?

Yes! Elite Fuel is the standard. If you haven’t given it a go yet, you are missing out on a significant opportunity. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email: nextlevel@elitefuel.net, comment below or catch us on social media @elitefuel.


10 Reasons You Want Goat Whey

Goat Whey protein is truly a health and performance enhancer.   

1)  Goat Whey has the highest biological value of any natural food source, including cow sourced whey. Activ Goat Whey’s biological value is 104!!! This means that Activ Goat Whey is extremely digestible and absorbable. The protein you drink is the protein you keep.

2) Goat Whey is the most digestible whey protein on the planet.

3) Goat Whey has the highest concentration of branched chain amino acid (BCAAs) found any natural food source.

4) Goat Whey when ingested forms a very soft bolus (ball) that is digested with ease in the stomach and small intestine. In contrast, cow based protein forms a rock-like curd.

5) Goat Whey is hypoallergenic. So you can say see you later to the days of gas, bloating, diarrhea and microflora disturbance.

6) Goat Whey is a complete protein with the optimal levels and ratios of amino acids to support muscle growth, immunity and muscle recovery.

7) Activ Whey comes from goats that are grassfed and pasture raised without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers.

8) Activ Whey is Non-GMO, with ZERO added hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

9) Activ Whey contains naturally occurring immunoglobulins and growth factors.

10) Activ Whey has Zero artificial anything, which of course would be hazardous to optimal health!

When we give our bodies the best performance nutrition has to offer, it responds in like manner with NEXT-level performance.

Optimal Performance Demands Excellence

Have you ever considered how much time, money, energy and triple checking goes into making sure a Formula One racing vehicle is all systems go on race day?

The engine itself costs in excess of $80,000. There are 15-20 men working in the pit crew at any given time. Why is all of this necessary? Because if the car doesn’t perform, people don’t get paid, endorsements are dropped and pride is injured. Cutting corners in Formula One is unheard of for consistent performers.

What does this have to do with maximizing performance on the game field, at a CrossFit meet, or in your drive for personal records? Everything! If you want to see what your body truly has to offer you, then you have to fuel it with the nutrients and living substance that will propel it beyond what has been your historical threshold. You have to surround yourself with people who have gone farther than you have. Does this mean you need a chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, naturopath, coach, and personal chef? Not by a long shot.

It does mean that if you settle for hype over substance or the consistent “just this one time” junk food indulgence you are going to end up right where you should, but not where you could of. The difference between Formula One and your body, is that better fuel, more living food, and smarter workouts increase your threshold and efficiency exponentially. Your body builds off itself. This is why if you run 1 mile each day for 30 days, you will burn less calories on day 30 then you did on day 1, even if everything else was identical. Your body is optimizing itself, evolving to meet the demand put on it. Formula One race cars don’t have this luxury.

If performance and gains are a part of your summer plans, it is time to take a look at the little (or big) things that are holding you back. Is your food, supplementation, and workout strategy based on optimizing human performance or some flashy thing you read online? Is the tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, pastries, synthetic sweeteners, and soda pop so amazing that you would sacrifice your potential, to indulge in them regularly? Is your pride that important that you can’t make it to the gym to workout with those who are performing beyond your current level?

This summer, strongly consider giving your body the opportunity to perform at a level you didn’t know you had in you!